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Our “Peace of Mind” Exchange Policy is free of charge and grants our clients an exclusive ability to exchange previously-purchased Raise & Shine Blinds products for any and all new window coverings of their choice at factory cost, at any time.

After you purchase from us once, it is our obligation to provide you with a lifetime of excellent service and we should not profit when you decide to change your window coverings in the future.

This practice ensures the long-lasting satisfaction of our clients as their initial investment in our window coverings also buys them a lifetime of discounted pricing and adaptability.

We constantly search for new ways to better serve our clients and enhance our fundamental principles of Client Service, Convenience, and Affordability.  Over the years, we have identified a pattern common among our clients—major life events or style changes often trigger a desire to alter window coverings, regardless of their condition.  Children move out of the house and their rooms are turned into guest rooms, entertainment rooms, or home gyms.  Windows are swapped or new trim is inserted.  Walls are repainted.  Homes undergo renovations.  New tenants exhibit different window covering preferences.  And the list goes on.

When our clients select us as their window covering professionals, we earn their trust, loyalty, and endorsement.  It is therefore our obligation to service them fairly and rewardingly as they become members of the Raise & Shine Blinds family.  We have determined that our clients’ investment in us should keep them protected from any unforeseen circumstances which could affect their window covering needs down the road.

When your window has already been covered by us once, it would be unjust for us to profit a second time, should your existing window covering(s) no longer meet your expectations.  As a result, our policy guarantees a low-cost future, filled with unlimited opportunities to “re-dress” your windows with new products at factory prices.  Stated differently, a window that is covered by us effectively becomes an affiliate of the Raise & Shine Blinds club, and can enjoy a lifetime of window covering exchanges at prices unavailable to any other consumer in the market.

For more information, please review our policy's terms and conditions by clicking the following button:

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