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Best Window Treatment Solutions for Doors

Sliding glass doors, patio doors, and French doors are often overlooked by shoppers who are in the market for window treatments. They are called “window” treatments after all. However, covering your glass doors may be just as important as covering any other window in your home. Often times, doors allow tremendous amounts of light to enter your home and put your family’s privacy at risk if they remain uncovered. Thankfully, there is a solution for everything! Below are just some of the window treatment options we recommend for doors.

Roller Shades

solar shade on patio french door

Sliding Glass Doors: Roller shades have become the popular window treatment product in the market for covering sliding glass doors. Depending on the size of the opening, these doors may be covered by a single shade or multiple shades. These shades can be mounted either within or above the casing depending on depth availability and potential obstructions (such as door handles).

Single Patio Doors/French Doors: The beauty of roller shades is that they are constructed with very thin, yet durable and versatile fabric. This is especially advantageous in covering swinging doors because of the fabric’s ability to navigate through obstructions. Typically, roller shades are mounted on the door itself and the fabric is able to cleanly lay behind the door knob/handle. As part of our service, we always offer to secure the shade at the bottom of the door with a strip of Velcro, so that the shade does not swing when operating the door.

Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds / Vertical PVC Blinds

vertical blind on sliding glass door

Sliding Glass Doors: Because sliding glass doors typically represent fairly large openings within your home, we very rarely recommend horizontal faux wood blinds as a covering solution. Faux wood blinds are constructed with hefty material and, as their size increases, they become heavier to lift and more difficult to operate. Instead, we recommend vertical PVC blinds for such openings. Vertical blinds are meant to cover large expanses and offer great versatility with their easy-to-operate louvers, which can rotate 180 degrees.

Single Patio Doors/French Doors: Identical to roller shades, horizontal faux wood blinds are typically mounted directly to the door and their slats can be guided behind or over most door knobs/handles. We typically install hold-down brackets to the bottom of the door so that the blind can be attached to the door when in the lowered position and thereby prevent unnecessary swinging.

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