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Choosing The Perfect Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

When you are in the market for new window treatments, you are most likely thinking of the rooms that can use an aesthetically-pleasing upgrade. These rooms are typically your living room, family room, bedrooms, dining room, home office, etc. As a consequence, one room that is often overlooked by window treatment shoppers is the bathroom. Given that the decorative design of bathrooms is not of utmost importance to most homeowners, window treatment manufacturers have come up with plenty of suitable options that can fulfill multiple requirements, style preferences, and budgets.

The Economical Option: Horizontal Aluminum (Mini) Blinds

aluminum mini blinds in bathroom shower bath

Aside from this product’s pricing, there is nothing cheap about aluminum blinds. These blinds are constructed with a durable, heavy-duty headrail that sits in a steady position within its brackets. Mini blinds are constructed with the most flexible, corrosion-resistant slat material available. This classic window treatment offers privacy, light control, and durability – perfect for your bathroom.

Browse through our Aluminum Blinds gallery to see if this product fits your design tastes!

The Practical Option: Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds

faux wood blinds bathroom shower humidity moisture fake wood

Faux wood blinds offer a splendid alternative to natural wood blinds. They are available in a broad assortment of solid and wood-tone colors that closely resemble the look of real wood material. Faux wood blinds are manufactured with PVC material, thus guaranteeing that the slats will never fade, chip, warp, distort or discolor overtime. They are also resistant to water, moisture, and humidity. Clearly, you can see the benefits of covering your bathroom windows with faux wood blinds.

To learn more about this popular product, feel free to visit our Wood Blinds page.

The Decorative Option: Translucent Roller Shades

roller shades bathroom privacy decoration shower

One great feature that is offered by translucent shades is that they allow for controlled daylighting, yet provide complete privacy while in the closed position. Roller shades have become extremely popular window treatment solutions within homes over the past decade and the translucent fabric has dominated the bathroom sector. Standard screen shades do not provide sufficient privacy, while blackout roller shades do not allow for any light filtration. Translucent shades are therefore truly the best of both worlds.

Visit our Roller Shades page to browse through our extensive breadth of translucent fabrics.


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