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Commercial Solutions: Solar Shades

commercial roller shade office 5% openness anodized aluminum fascia

Perhaps the most common window treatments for commercial buildings nowadays are solar shades. Available in both manual and motorized operating systems, these shades offer versatile and advanced combinations of practicality, light control, design, UV protection, and temperature insulation. Commercial clients may also explore a dual-shade option, which allows for two shades to be installed onto a single bracket system, while still enabling independent operation. The motive behind this approach is to utilize both blackout and light-filtering fabrics in order to effectively accomplish all window covering objectives.

There are a number of window treatment manufacturers that are well equipped to handle large commercial projects. Over the years, these manufacturers have developed product collections that have undergone extensive research and testing of fabrics to ensure that industry standards are exceeded! In fact, the manufacturers that we partner with exclusively produce solar shades that comply with the National Fire Prevention Association No. 701, a primary requirement in many schools and commercial settings.

And in case you were wondering, there are hundreds of design patterns and colors to choose from, many of which can be found on our Roller & Solar Shades Gallery.


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