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3 Hot Window Treatment Designs for the Summer

fabric roller shade translucent privacy pattern

Light-Filtering Roller Shades

Light-filtering roller shades offer the "best of both worlds" by providing an appealing backdrop to any room as well as highly simple functionality. The fabrics hold the beauty while the shade itself is very easy to operate.

The greatest benefit of light-filtering roller shades is that they render complete privacy while maintaining a considerable and gentle level of light filtration. This quality is perfect for those looking to protect their interiors from the hot and harsh summer sun.

There are endless design options to choose from within the light-filtering roller shade collection. From simple, to modern, to bold, to earthy, to traditional, there is always going to be a style that will meet your taste!

To top it all off (literally), these shades can be complimented with a matching aluminum fascia or a fabric-wrapped rounded cassette. These top treatments conceal the roller tube and provide an appealing finish to an already elegant product.

Visit our Roller Shades page to browse through our extensive breadth of fabrics.

zebra banded shades privacy light control gray light filtering

Zebra Shades

What makes zebra shades unique are their strips of two different fabrics which offer the user the ability to control lighting and privacy while the shade itself is partially or completely lowered. This special feature also presents a way to invite very specific magnitudes of sunlight into the room and thereby accentuate the color and pattern of the shade in varying fashions.

Our collection is made up of multiple vane sizes as well as translucent and room-darkening opacities. Additionally, all of our zebra shades are manufactured with a fabric-wrapped cassette valance or aluminum fascia which cover the tube and brackets and will entirely conceal the shade when it is raised.

This modern and stylish window treatment product is sure to turn some heads at your next dinner party.

To learn more about this unique product, feel free to visit our Zebra Shades page.

sheer shades silhouette in living room light filtering

Horizontal Sheer Shades

Horizontal Sheer shades are designed with fabric vanes which combine nicely with two sheets of sheer fabric to reduce glare and transform exterior light from harsh to soft and comfortable. This unique construction also enhances natural daylighting by dispersing sunlight deep into the room, which reduces the need for electric lights.

The sheer fabrics also allow for discreet daytime privacy as the view TO the outside is clear while the view FROM the outside is obscured during the day.

Moreover, sheer shades provide excellent ultraviolet (UV) protection with the vanes open or closed-a practical way to prevent any potential damage to your interiors while enjoying the elegance of this window covering.

This product comes in three different vane sizes (2', 2 ½' and 3') which can be manufactured from light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics.

Browse through our Sheer Shades gallery to see if this product fits your design preferences!


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