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The Natural Beauty of Woven Wood Shades

top-down bottom-up woven wood shades in bedroom
Top-Down/Bottom-Up Woven Wood shades used to manage privacy in a master bedroom.

Woven wood shades are very special window covering products and have become quite popular in homes today due to their distinct features and natural appeal. What makes woven woods so unique is the fact that every single shade will be different, as it will contain specific knots, stains, slight cracks, grain and pattern variations, and other “imperfections” that will not be present in the same form and design in other woven woods of the same type. So you will know that the woven woods in your home do not exist in the same fashion anywhere else in the world.

Woven wood shades introduce an organic element to a room since they are crafted from natural materials such as woods, reeds, bamboo, and grasses. And if you are wondering about their durability, you will be pleased to learn that it is a noteworthy characteristic of this window covering, as different weaving techniques are employed to produce maximum strength and quality.

Like other products in the window covering market, woven wood shades also offer a wide range of personalization to help homeowners achieve the proper levels of privacy and lighting in their homes. These objectives can be accomplished by incorporating a light-filtering or room-darkening liner and/or increasing the versatility of the shade via a top-down/bottom-up operating system (which allows the user to target privacy at specific locations on the window pane, while inviting light into the room through the unexposed glass).

We find that many people tend to fall in love with this product once they are introduced to it, so you should absolutely take a closer look at our Woven Woods Gallery page to experience the uniqueness of this window covering yourself!


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