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How Our Special Exchange Policy Was Born

Raise & Shine Blinds exchange policy for a lifetime
A Lifetime of Savings and Options For Our Clients

After 15 years in the window covering industry, we identified a pattern among our clients which has only become apparent and could be verified through time. We have come to the realization that, in many circumstances, homeowners change their window coverings due to a specific life event and/or a style shift, rather than a deterioration in the condition or performance of the product.

Our research has shown that, on average, existing clients change their window coverings after 7 years and for reasons such as their children going off to college and their rooms are then used for a different purpose, home renovation, window replacement, wall painting, or simply a desire to “go with a different look”. We viewed this consumer behavior as an opportunity for us to show (and remind) our clients the unique service we provide and that we will be there for them for life.

This marked the birth of our “Peace of Mind” Exchange Policy—a benefit awarded to all of our clients, and one which allows them to exchange any window covering previously purchased from us, at any time, for only the factory cost. Meaning that, if our clients decide to change their window coverings at any point in their lives, they pay what we pay.

Our clients are very appreciative of this service because it makes them feel secure, knowing that an initial investment also buys them a lifetime of savings. We highly encourage that you learn more about our very special “Peace of Mind” Exchange Policy. It is a privilege that many homeowners do not currently enjoy and will guarantee you an affordable future.


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