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The Versatility of Vertical Sheers

vertical sheer shades luminette in office light filtering

Vertical sheer shades were created due to homeowners’ need to cover larger expanses (such as sliding glass doors), while at the same time wanting to capture both the classic look of drapes as well as the light control offered by modern window coverings. Does this sound like too much to ask? Not really!

Vertical sheer shades are designed with beautiful sheers that are permanently bonded to the fabric vanes. The sheer fabric offers full view-through to the outside while maintaining discreet privacy from the outside. The sheer introduces another important quality as it enhances natural daylighting by dispersing sunlight deep into the room. This reduces the need for electric lights during the day in rooms which would otherwise not receive the same level of daylight using other window covering products.

As the title highlights, vertical sheer shades are quite versatile in the sense that they can traverse fully open or closed, while the attached vanes can be rotated in either direction to provide 180 degrees of light control. And finally, the integration of the sheer fabric also brings with it a higher level of ultraviolet (UV) protection to prevent damage to your floors, walls, and interiors. Up to 86% of UV rays are blocked with the vanes open and up to 99% with the vanes closed.

If you are searching for a window covering product for your large windows, vertical sheer shades may just be the solution. Our Sheer Shade Gallery includes plenty of information to help you grasp the endless possibilities of this special window covering product!


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