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The Top-Down/Bottom-Up Operating System

top-down bottom-up cellular honeycomb shades in bathroom for privacy and light control

As window covering products advance through time, so do the objectives and expectations of homeowners. Although the purpose of window coverings was simply to block sunlight in the very beginning, people now seek to accomplish many functionalities, and all with the same product—this includes both light and privacy control with very specific adjustment capabilities. The top-down/bottom-up operating system was created as a way to fulfill these wishes.

The top-down/bottom-up mechanism allows the user to maneuver the window covering from both directions in order to achieve the optimal position for lighting and privacy. The “top-down” side operates like a standard shade, as the top headrail remains steady while the bottom headrail shifts up and down. The “bottom-up” side is the real kicker – the bottom rail remains fixed as the headrail becomes operable. This unique function is desired by many homeowners today because it presents an option to cover the bottom half of the window pane while letting light in from the top half. You can think of this as the “sweet spot”, as privacy and sufficient daylighting can be attained simultaneously! Our manufacturers have even taken it to the next level by introducing a cordless option (simply reposition your shade’s bottom rail or headrail with your hands, without having to pull on any cords).

The availability of this highly versatile operating system has expanded and it is now available across a variety of product types, including Cellular Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, and Woven Woods.

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