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Window Covering Mounting Options and Considerations

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

window blinds inside mount and outside mount options

One of the most important things window covering shoppers must consider is the mount position of their desired product(s). In fact, choosing the mount position of your window covering product could be the most significant detail to evaluate as it ultimately affects the overall elegance, performance, operation, and satisfaction obtained from the product. However, often times, the mount position is overlooked because the majority of window covering retailers fail to educate their clients about these options and potential impact.

Essentially, there are only two mounting options to consider—Inside Mount or Outside Mount. One of these options will be more compatible than the other based on the client’s objective as well as the structure of the window casing.

Inside Mount: Products that are installed inside mount will provide the most neat and clean appearance because they fit directly inside the window frame, and can be mounted as deep or as shallow as preferred. Inside Mount is the more common of the two mounting options due to its aesthetic superiority. One of the drawbacks of installing a product inside mount is that it will not completely block out sunlight due to small light gaps that may emerge on each side of the window covering when installed inside the window frame. Therefore, if your ultimate goal is to obtain complete darkness (blackout) and privacy, you might want to consider the outside mount option.

Outside Mount: Products that are installed outside mount are positioned outside of the window frame and extend past the bottom and top of the window casing. This option grants users the flexibility of choosing almost any window covering product for any situation because, in most cases, the window frame does not affect the range of window covering possibilities. Also, by mounting the window covering outside of the window frame and overlapping the window pane entirely, complete darkness and privacy can be achieved as all light gaps are eliminated.

Now that you are familiar with the two mounting options, you should know that there are potential problem areas to be considered. Prior to determining a mounting option, you must be cognizant of the following obstructions – rafters, crown molding, plasterwall, window jambs, window cranks, baseboard location, furniture placement, specialty trim, wallpaper or paneling, drywall, brick, etc.

You can trust that, as your chosen professionals, we will inform you of all potential issues and recommend the most optimal approach to mounting your window coverings. Schedule your Free In-Home Consultation today and learn more about your window covering possibilities!


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