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Window Treatments: Are They Harmful To The Environment?

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The era of climate change is upon us and it is of utmost importance that our buying and selling patterns reflect the “Going Green” movement and the demands of our environment. Around the world, the leading manufacturers in just about every industry have initiated an eco-friendly manufacturing approach for their products. The window treatment industry is no exception, as all large suppliers have adopted this eco-friendly approach to production. In fact, our main vendors are proudly affiliated with organizations such as GREENGUARD, U.S. Green Building Council, Energy Star Partner, and more.

There are a few methods to this eco-friendly manufacturing approach. First, all of the hardware utilized in window treatment products, including steel, aluminum and plastic, is 100% recyclable. In fact, all of the products are partially made from pre-consumer recycled material. The packaging of these products is also comprised of partially-recycled content. Furthermore, our suppliers recycle all metals, plastics, fabrics, paper, and waste wood in their own plants!

Aside from green-friendly manufacturing, all finished products also contain a number of pro-green features. Effectively all window treatment products are designed to reduce heat gain (in the summer) and heat loss (in the winter). This insulating effect reduces energy consumption and lowers energy usage. Furthermore, most window treatment products successfully meet the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s rigorous chemical emissions standards.

To learn more about the eco-friendly features of window treatments, please feel free to call us at (786) 999-2450 or schedule your free in-home consultation today!


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