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Wood Blinds

Wood blinds have been utilized in many residential properties, school, and offices due to their simplicity and affordability.  Over the years, the materials and styles used to manufacture these blinds have evolved dramatically, and today, there are dozens of patterns and colors available in both real wood and faux wood blinds.

A very popular choice by our clients are faux wood blinds, as they maintain the look of real wood, but are actually made out of vinyl to create a long-lasting product.  Unlike metal, vinyl does not attract heat and is able to withstand moisture and common household chemicals—a perfect window covering solution for kitchens and bathroom, which typically experience higher levels of humidity.  These blinds are also well-protected against fading, yellowing, warping, or bowing and are therefore known for their unmatched durability relative to other horizontal blinds.

Real Wood Colors  (33 options)

Real Wood

Faux Wood Colors  (20 options)

Faux Wood

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