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Florida Cancer Specialists - Trinity


This Class A health care facility required a tremendous amount of attention to detail and coordination from our team.  All offices were covered with our commercial-grade light-filtering solar shades, while we also furnished and installed a total of 30 motorized shades in the lobby and infusion areas.  Some of these motorized shades were 28 feet long and were installed with the most robust hardware system in the industry.

Project Type


Window Treatments

Manual Light-Filtering Solar Shades

34 Total Units

Manual Blackout Solar Shades

10 Total Units

Motorized Solar Shades
30 Total Units


Fabric:  Linen/Fog

5% Openness Factor
Clear Anodized 3" Fascia


Fabric:  Fawn

Opaque Opacity
Clear Anodized 3" Fascia

Fabric:  Linen/Fog

5% Openness Factor

Clear Anodized 4" Fascia

or White 5" Closure Plate
120V RTS Motor

Completion Date

October 30, 2021

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