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The Appeal of Top Treatments

Today, people are not only interested in the functionality, simplicity, or savviness of their window coverings, but they would also like to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing. Top treatments were created for this very purpose, as they casually and elegantly cover the headrail, mechanism, and exposed hardware for a sleek finish.

white aluminum fascia top treatment for roller shade

From our experience, the most common top treatment in today’s market (especially in South Florida) is the aluminum Fascia. It is offered in both square and round faces and comes with its own compatible set of brackets. Moreover, the height of the Fascia will vary from 3 inches to 5 inches, depending on the product’s headrail size. It has become a staple for those shopping for roller shades, as it presents a classy and modern way to cover the tube and fabric wrapped around it.

fabric-wrapped cassette top treatment for silhouette sheer shade

Another top treatment option is the Cassette. The appeal of this specific treatment is that it is wrapped in the same fabric as the product, so the motion of the fabric is seamless to the eye since the top of the window casing matches the remainder of the opening.

valance top treatment for wood blind

Finally, the Valance has been a standard top treatment for many years, especially for products such as real wood, faux wood, and metal blinds. In most cases, it can be mounted with returns which allow it to project outwardly (just a tad) to become a focal point and harmonize nicely with the remainder of the window covering.

Our In-Home Consultation is great because it allows you to actually see how all of these elements would complement your walls, floors, furniture, artwork, and the rest of your home interiors. It is completely obligation-free, so do not hesitate and schedule an appointment today!


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