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The Importance of Energy Efficiency Today

Window covering energy efficiency
Example of a home in the winter, where you can clearly see the heat pouring out of the uncovered windows.

First, let's understand the meaning of "energy efficiency". Energy efficiency is using the least amount of energy to reach a desired outcome, whether driving home from work, heating or cooling your home, or lighting your front porch. By being energy-efficient, you can conserve natural resources, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, and save money by reducing energy consumption.

What does energy efficiency have to do with window covering, you ask? Windows are “energy holes". Compared to insulated walls and ceilings, windows allow much more heat to escape the home in the winter, and much more heat to enter the home in the summer. Beautiful, energy-efficient window treatments can cover those “holes". By doing so, people can reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool their homes.

In the United States, 39% of the total energy consumption is generated by buildings and approximately 11% is driven by heating, cooling, and lighting in residential properties. The alarming part is that about half of this residential energy consumption is lost through your windows!

In summary, window coverings act as “valves” which control the flow of energy. When your window covering is raised or tilted open, energy flows in or out through the window. Close the valve and the energy stays out or in. By utilizing window coverings for energy control, we greatly reduce the need to consume energy. Therefore, energy-efficient window coverings represent an investment which will pay itself over time as your energy bills decrease indefinitely.

The most energy-efficient product in today’s market is the cellular (or honeycomb) shade. It is constructed with two sheets of fabric bonded together to create cells throughout the shade. These cells act as insulating air pockets which reduce the contact between the cold window panes and warm air. This well-engineered structure slows the transfer of heat through the windows and helps maintain the desired temperature inside your home. As outer energy cannot freely pass through the windows, inner energy remains uninterrupted.

For a closer look at some of our cellular (honeycomb) shade offerings, we highly encourage you to check out our Projects page and Window Coverings Gallery.


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