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Miami-Dade College - Cloud Computing Center


This exciting project marked our first footstep on the infamous 16-story Eduardo J. Padron Campus building. We were tasked with covering a portion of the 10th floor’s classrooms, corridors, storage spaces, and multi-purpose rooms with varying solar shade systems and fabrics, from manual to motorized operation, and blackout to light-filtering fabrics.

Project Type


Window Treatments

Manual Solar Shades

9 Total Units

Motorized Dual Solar Shades
4 Total Units


Fabric:  Dove

Blackout Opacity
White 2" Closure Plate


Fabrics:  3% Openness Ebony/Stone (Front) & Blackout Dove (Back)
White 3" Closure Plate
120V Standard Motor

Completion Date

October 8, 2020

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